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smartshop Kolanut

Kolanut is the seed of a 20 feet high tree found in Africa, Jamaica and Brazil. Kolanut was the main ingredient in Coca-Cola after cocaine became illegal. In Jamaica and Brazil Kolanut is consumed as a sexual stimulant similar to cocaine. Kolanut can be chewed before meals to promote digestion and to enhance the taste. In Brazil Kolanut is also used to heal superficial cuts. Because of the high energy expenditure in the body, Kolanut can also be used as a way of losing weight.

Kolanut is a strong stimulant. Like coffee, Kolanut works stimulating and non-soporific (it keeps you awake). The psychoactive effect however is stronger and different. The power of endurance increases, while it quashes hunger. It also increases concentration, clears the brain, works as a light aphrodisiac and it can raise a high. It boosts your normal capabilities at for instance work, sports, dance and sex. It is also used as a way to lose weight.

Contains: 80 gr.

Price: € 16,00

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