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smartshop Yohimbe

Yohimbe is the name of the bark of a tree that grows in the woods of South Africa. This tree can grow to a height of 15 m (48 ft) high and its leaves are 10 cm (4") long. Bantu speaking people used inner shavings of the bark for the stimulating and aphrodisiac effect. Yohimbe has also been used at wedding ceremonies. The yohimbe was consumed to seal the contract. It was consumed by everyone before the party would begin, thus intensifying orgasms.
Yohimbe has an aphrodisiac effect and gives pleasant flows of energy through the body. It stimulates blood flow to the genitals, it can strengthen and prolong an erection, enhances sexual excitement and gives more powerful orgasms. It can also cause a pleasant 'high', a light feeling in the head and mild perception changes. For sporting people Yohimbe has a powerful constructive effect; muscle growth is stimulated and restoration is enhanced. In short, this herb improves performance, enhances mood and increases potency.

Advise: The substance yohimbine is prescribed by doctors against impotence.

Usage: When Yohimbe is mixed with vitamin C a new substance is formed, Yohimbine-ascorbic acid. This gives a more pleasant and milder effect.

Price: € 16,00

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