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smartshop Extase

Extase improves the erotic and sensual experience.

Contains: Yohimbe extract and Vitamin C. One bottle; serves 1 or 2. Do not take more than 1 bottle a day.

Warning: This product is a nutritional supplement and should only be used as such. Eclipse does not make any health claims. Usage, other than indicated, is not recommended and entirely at your own risk! KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN. Do not use this product in case of high blood pressure, hart or vascular diseases, diabetes, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Stop the use of this product immediately in case of nervousness, trembling, insomnia (sleeplessness), decreased appetite or over-activity of the hart. Consult your physician in case of doubt. Do not combine this product with medication, alcohol or drugs. Yohimbe inhibits the MAO-enzyme; do not combine with other MAO-inhibitors.

Dosage: Half a bottle for each person

Price: € 17,00

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