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smartshop Syrian Rue Seeds (Perganum Harmala)

Cultivation parameters: This plant may be grown outdoors in milder climates, but it does not tolerate heavy freezing well. Needs full sun and a small amount of water as this plant will not tolerate over watering but can manage well against drought. Likes a rich, sandy, well-drained soil. Propagation is by seeds, which as a rule have a very low germination rate. The seeds are usually started indoors and the plant is grown in a container till at least a year old and then transplanted outside. A soil mix of 1/2 sand and 1/2 fertile loam is best for starting seeds. Seedlings are very susceptible to damage by over watering, make sure the soil surface dries completely between watering. Seeds are harvested after the capsules dry and harden. The seeds are then dried in the sun for use.

Active constituents: Harmine, harmaline and other MAOIs.

Warning: Syrian Rue seeds are MAO-Inhibitors. If you don't know what MAO-Inhibitors are read the MAO-FAQ in the psychedictionary section. An overdose of syrian rue in combination with alcohol or other illicit drugs can cause headaches or ultimately death.

Price: € 15,00

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